The Flying Crane Euphorium

Thoughts. Feelings. Visions.

It’s a little bit shocking
to stumble upon
the discovery you
actually have a heart.
I wasn’t impressed
by your distant gaze,
avid following,
or pretty face.
I’m just not
on your side
of the fence.
I wish you the best
of luck as you
float away, back
from whence you came.

It’s not always
going to be this way.
Even when you feel
like you can not go on.
You can.
Just keep trying.
The only true failure 
is quitting without 
trying everything 
you can to succeed.

I’m writing again,
just to get these things
out of my head.
Staying up all night,
my creative process.
My way of altering
my brain without
chemicals while
I find new ways 
to pen cryptic truths.
I’m running out 
of pages to
start over again.

Just start a new book.
Be a new person.
Some days I lose
faith that I can
become the person
I want to be and
live the life I want to live.
When I’m staring at
this blank white page,
anything is possible.

If I love someone,
I do whatever I can
for them.
I would want them
to know that.
That they deserve 
the best
life has to offer.
That’s loyalty to me.
I love some of my 
friends like family,
because they are
family to me.
Lets all build a 
better life together.
I made a crown.  Then I dismantled it because it was crooked on one side, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

I made a crown.  Then I dismantled it because it was crooked on one side, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

Some days 

I always feel

like I’m standing 

on a bridge

holding a match

ready to burn it 

down, and you

are the wind

fanning the flame.

Good Charlotte Celebrate Turning 18



Good Charlotte is officially 18 years old. You can read a message from Benji Madden celebrating the birthday below after the jump.

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Good Charlotte was the first band I really loved.  I played the first cd so many times in row my mom made me turn it off lol.  I’ve loved every cd since, their music is like therapy to me, it just makes me feel better when I hear it.  So thank you, and I love you guys <3

I stumbled across this cool video of people painting :)

Let’s Play The Quiet Game

what will bring us closer
will also rip us apart
the same old problems
I just can’t get over
that wall I built
so many years ago
no amount of persuasion
will outweigh
the deafening silence
that stretches between us
because I am not talking
and neither are you
I grow tired of always
having to instigate
lets play a fun game
it’s called let’s see
how long it takes for
someone to talk to me.
it’s kind of like the quiet game
if you think that hurts
you should try thinking
of someone besides yourself

Fun fact: A DUM DUM sucker wrapper can be folded into 16 tiny origami cranes.